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The Territory:
Through the centuries, the art of viticulture has been very encouraged in this region, that have got an area particularly suited thanks to gentle hills, that slope down from the man hand towards the Adriatic Sea.
In this land of contrasts, where the people are proud and independent, born warm and generous wines, that pass through the ages as the monuments.

Only in recent years, when agriculture gives way to quantity, this tradition seems to waver. It's in the eighties, thanks to some courageous winemakers, that the autochthonous qualities are discovered again, choosing to produce wines that seek absolute excellence. This choice seemed in contrast with the market, then it became a profitable investment. The piceno region today offers to the daily lunch, but also for the best occasions, blood and fragrant red wines or savory and flavorful white wines, of course expression of an area characterized by constant innovation in continuity, recovery from its historical roots and respect for traditions.
The Marche's territory has different v.q.p.r.d., some historical, such as "Rosso Piceno", "Rosso Conero" and "Verdicchio" and other more recent as the "Offida"
Among those of Piceno note of the "Rosso Piceno" recognized as a v.q.p.r.d. in August 1968, the "white" recognized as a a v.q.p.r.d. in April 1975 and the "Offida" recognized as a a v.q.p.r.d. in May 2001, in addition to several TGI. The a v.q.p.r.d. "Rosso Piceno" appears in the following categories: "Rosso Piceno", "Novello Rosso Piceno" and "Rosso Piceno Superiore".

Although the recognition of v.q.p.r.d. "Rosso Piceno" took place in 1968 his story begins long before. There is talk of wine Piceni even before the establishment of the Romans. Already Polybius, the Greek historian of the Roman world, it brings track in his writings on the Punic wars.
The main features of the v.q.p.r.d. "Rosso Piceno" are the ruby red color more or less, the characteristic odor and flavor harmonic.
To these must obviously added the peculiarities of each type. Rosso Piceno approaches with pleasantly warm or hot soups of major structure (beans, chickpeas, lentils, soups, pudding, fresh stuffed pasta, etc.). Likewise with the meats. Excellent with seconds of meat, roasted in direct fire, spit and casserole. It goes well with fish soup with tomatoes and red and green peppers, fried fish with scents and significant structures. The type "Superior" attuned better succulent and savory foods.
For us, the winemaking implies to put itself on hand of the earth, of the vineyard, of the wine in wine cellar,
to make all things that, in several phases, the elements ask and obey without saying a word......
Aldo Di Giacomi.
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